Rachel Sterling
Birth Date:
November 11, 1979
Birth Place:
Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
5' 4
Actress, Model
Piero Dusa Acting Conservatory (took acting class)
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The Man Show


First arriving in Hollywood as a lingerie model in 2000, Rachel Sterling has made quite successful transformation into acting and has since rolled up nearly 40 credits under her belt. She is perhaps best recognized for her appearance on Comedy Central's “The Man Show” from 2002 to 2003 and “Reno 911!” from 2005 to 2007. She has guest starred in several television shows, including “V.I.P.,” “Las Vegas,” “One on One,” “Entourage” and “How I Met Your Mother.” Her film credits include “Tomcats” (2001), “A Man Apart” (2003), “Wedding Crashers” (2005), “White Air” (2007), “All About Steve” (2009), “Surrogates” (2009) and “Detention” (2010). She has also appeared in music videos such as Kid rock's “American Bad Ass,” Ja Rule's “Between me and you” and No Doubt's “Hey Baby.”

Currently, Sterling resides in Los Angeles, which she calls her home despite the fact that her family deeply rooted in Texas. She has a dog named Zoe. She finds time to give back to the community through charity work and fund raising.

Rachie Rach

Childhood and Family:

Rachel Sterling was born on November 11, 1979, in Corpus Christi, Texas. Her nickname is Rachie Rach. She later moved to Hollywood, where she took acting classes at the Piero Dusa Conservatory. She is of Korean, Mexican and Apache descent.

Reno 911!


Rachel Sterling first came to Hollywood in 2000 as a lingerie/swimsuit model and pin up model. It was not long before she branched out to acting, and on her first audition, she scored the role of Cherry in the comedy film “Tomcats” (2001), which was directed and written by Gregory Poirier and starring Jerry O'Connell, Shannon Elizabeth and Jake Busey. The film was panned by critics and grossed $13,558,739 at the box office. The same year, she also appeared as Nurse Betty in the direct to video “ Destroying America,” along with Ming Tran, Erik Estrada and Heath Kirchart.

In 2002, Sterling had her first TV guest spot in the Pamela Anderson action/comedy series “V.I.P,” in the episode “Saving Private Irons,” where she played Lucious. Her big break arrived later when she joined the cast of the Comedy Central sketch comedy series “The Man Show” as Juggy Dancer in August 2002. She would retain her job until May 2003. Still in 2002, she had a but part in the David Payne film “Just Can't Get Enough,” based on the true story of the rise and fall of the popular male dance revue 'Chippendales.'

Sterling was cast as Assia in the action/thriller movie “A Man Apart” (2003), directed by F. Gary Gray and starring Vin Diesel and Larenz Tate. The film opened at No. 3 at the box office, with over $11 million on its opening weekend. It went on to make over $26.7 million domestically and over $17.6 million internationally for a worldwide total of over $44.3 million. The budget of the film was $36 million. The film was universally panned by critics.

In 2004, Sterling made a guest appearance in the Fox reality TV show “The Casino,” from the creator of “Survivor,” Mark Burnett, and the NBC comedy/drama series “Las Vegas,” playing Stacy in the episode “The Count of Montecito.” Besides, she had a featured role in the slasher film “HellBent,” written and helmed by Paul Etheredge-Ouzts and starring Dylan Fergus, Bryan Kirkwood, Hank Harris, Andrew Levitas, Matt Phillips and Nick Name. The following year, she landed a small role in the popular romance/comedy film “Wedding Crashers,” starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn and directed by David Dobkin. With a budget of $40 million, the film grossed $209,255,921 domestically and $75,920,820 overseas for a worldwide total of $285,176,741. The film was fairly well received by critics. She also appeared in “Undiscovered” (2005), a comedy/music film directed by Meiert Avis and starring Pell James, Steven Strait, Shannyn Sossamon, Ashlee Simpson and Kip Pardue, and guest starred in “Head Cases” (as Sherry) and “One on One” (as Summer). It was also in 2005 that Sterling landed a recurring role as Madam Caramel on the Comedy Central hit series “Reno 911!.”

Sterling was cast as Nicole in the Michael McCready directed/written drama film “Price to Pay” (2006), opposite Brian Skala, Steve Sandvoss and Fatso-Fasano, supported Riley Smith, Dominique Swain and Paul Logan in U. Wolfgang Wagenknecht's action/drama film, “White Air” (2007), starring Riley Smith, Dominique Swain and Paul Logan, and portrayed Julia in the BBC TV film “The Haunted Airman” (2007), co-starring Julian Sands and Robert Pattinson. She also appeared in the TV talk show “VIP Passport” (2006).

After leaving “Reno 911!” in 2007, Sterling teamed up with Marisa Brown, Brett Jacobsen and Camille Guaty in the drama film “Blink” (2007), which was written and directed by Craig Miller. In 2008, she guest starred as Ana in an episode of “Entourage” called “Fantasy Island,” her next appearance in the series after previously having an uncredited part as Megan in 2004's episode “Date Night.” In 2009, she worked with Whitney Able, Bre Blair, John Boyd, James Caan and Erika Christensen in “Mercy,” a drama/romance film directed by Patrick Hoelck and written by Scott Caan, played a botanist in the comedy film “All About Steve,” starring Sandra Bullock, Bradley Cooper, Thomas Haden Church and Ken Jeong, and was featured along side Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell, Rosamund Pike, Boris Kodjoe, Jack Noseworthy, James Cromwell and Ving Rhames in the film adaptation of the comic book series, “Surrogates.” 2010 saw her co-star with David Carradine and Zelda Williams in the horror/thriller movie “Detention,” which was directed by James D.R. Hickox, and guest star in the television series “NCIS: Los Angeles” and “ Funny or Die Presents...”

Recently, in 2011, Sterling guest starred in “Workaholics” (as Shanna), “Wilfred” (as waitress) and “How I Met Your Mother” (as Paula). She also played April in the made for television film “Glass Heels,” co-starring Mercedes McNaband Don Stark.

Sterling will portray Anna in the horror film “The Helpers,” directed by Chris Stokes. The cast will also include Kristen Quintrall, Denyce Lawton and Christopher Jones. She also is set to play Shauna in the upcoming comedy/drama film “City of Jerks,” directed by Phedon Papamichael and scripted by Chris Merrill. The film will star Kelly Blatz, Joelle Carter, Mark Boone Junior, Laura-Leigh and Adam Goldberg, among other actors.


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