Rachel Perry
Birth Date:
January 20, 1976
Birth Place:
Brockville, Ontario, Canada
Famous for:
The host of All Access on VH1
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All Access


Canadian television and radio personality, actress and model Rachel Perry is popular as the host of “All Access” on VH1. She also co-hosted VH1's “Strip Search,” “VH-1 Top 20 Video Countdown” and VH1 Radio Network's “Weekly Rewind,” among other hosting gigs. She has guest starred in “CSI: New York” and “Heist” and appeared in magazines like “Maxim” and “Stuff.” She was also featured as a VH1 newscaster in the 2005 adventure film “Searching for Bobby D,” which was co-written and directed by Paul Borghese.

Perry ranked No. 49 on the “Maxim” magazine list of “Hot 100” in 2005.


Childhood and Family:

Rachel Perry was born on January 20, 1976, in Brockville, Ontario, Canada.

Heart of Glass


Rachel Perry worked at the Canadian based “MuchMusic” for three years before gaining success in the U.S. with VH1. She is the host of VH1's “All Access” and has narrated and voiced many VHI specials and Viacom channel specials. She was the host of “Maxim Hot 100” (2004, 2005 and 2008) and the host of VH1's short lived reality show “Strip Search” (2005), with Billy Cross. She was also a part time host on “VH-1 Top 20 Video Countdown” before being replaced by fellow Canadians Aamer Haleem and Bradford How. She also hosted the VH1 Radio Network's “Weekly Rewind” program.

In 2006, Perry made her television acting debut as Sunny Owens in a TV pilot called “Beyond.” The work required her to take a brief leave from Adam Carolla's new radio show. Joining the radio program in January 2006, she was eventually released from the program and replaced permanently by Teresa Strasser on May 8, 2006.

Still in 2006, Perry portrayed Esther in the short film “Rust,” which was written and directed by Jammy Yoon, appeared as a waitress in an episode of “Heist” called “Strife” and hosted the reality TV show “Body Doubles: International Twins Search.” She then appeared in Discovery Channel's “Dirty Jobs” as a potential replacement for Mike Rowe.

Perry portrayed Rebecca Monin in a 2007 episode of “CSI: New York” called “Heart of Glass.” She then narrated the VH1 reality TV show “40 Greatest Internet Superstars” and the documentary “40 Greatest Reality TV Moments 2” (both 2007) and hosted CBS' reality show “Lucky Shops” (also 2007). The following year, she co-hosted “DirecTV SXSW Live 2008” with Matt Pinfield and appeared in the “Living with Ed” episode “Talking Green with a Filmmaker.” In 2004, Perry also directed, wrote and appeared in the documentary short “Centripetal Visions” in which she also provided cinematography and served as a sound editor and production designer.

Apart from her television and radio work, the former host of The WB's “Pepsi Smash” has launched a successful modeling career and has appeared in several publications, including “Playboy,” “Stuff” and “Maxim.”


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