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New Police Report Reveals Paul Walker's Death Caused By Speed, Not Mechanical Failure
Paul Walker tragically passed away in November of last year, and after much speculation about the cause of the crash, it seems that speculators can officially put their theories to rest, as a new inve...
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Steveo - Mar 15, 2006
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Paul Walker Mega-Post - Part 2
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Paul Walker Fast & Furious 7 scenes may use body double, CGI
SP_COP - March 25, 2014 -
Paul Walker's unfinished scenes in the upcoming Fast & Furious 7 may be completed with the use of CGI or body doubles, it has has been reported.The 39-year-old actor passed away in a car crash in Nove...
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Aria - Nov 09, 2005
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Aria - Nov 05, 2005
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