Norman Reedus
Birth Date:
January 6, 1969
Birth Place:
Florida, USA
5' 10" (1.78 m)
Famous for:
His role as Harry Odum in 'Six Ways to Sunday' (1999)
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The Boondock Saints


First appearing on the wide screen in William Ryan's comedy movie starring William Sadler and Alessandro Nivola, "Reach the Rock" (filmed in 1996; not released until 1998), Norman Reedus continued to add to his resume meaty roles in such films as "Mimic" (1997), "Six Ways to Sunday" (1997) and "8MM" (1999) before gaining recognition for his role of Murphy McManus in Troy Duffy's cult action film "The Boondock Saints" (1999). He then received rave reviews for his portrayal of a son shouldering the responsibility of his embittered father in the moving drama film "Floating" (1999).

Afterward, Reedus played key roles in the films "The Beat Nicks" (2000), "Gossip" (2000), "Blade II" (2002), "Deuces Wild" (2002), "The Notorious Bettie Page" (2005) and "American Gangster" (2007). He will next be seen in the upcoming films "Red Canyon," "Night of the Templar," "Cadillac Records," "39," "Joshua Breed" and "Pandorum."

Reedus, who co-owns a New York-based film production company called "Bigbaldhead," also directed and wrote a short drama film called "I Thought of You" (2006).

More personally, the lanky, light-haired appealing actor, who was a Prada model in the late '90s, once dated American model Bridget Hall and Danish supermodel Helena Christensen, with whom he has one son named Mingus.

Norman Mark

Childhood and Family:

Of Irish descent, Norman Mark Reedus was born on January 6, 1969, in Florida. When he was several months old, his family moved to Los Angeles, California.

At age 12, Reedus left home and lived in several different countries, including Japan, Britain, and Spain.

In 1998, he began dating Danish supermodel Helena Christensen (born on December 25, 1968) with whom he has one son, Mingus Lucien Reedus (born on October 13, 1999). Mingus is named after the legendary jazz musician Charles Mingus. Reedus and Christensen split up in 2003.

Six Ways to Sunday


Despite many rumors, Norman Reedus did not begin his career as a model. He first came to Los Angeles to work in a Harley Davidson shop while contributing artwork to various shows. At a party in L.A., he was discovered by a woman who suggested he join an audition for a theater production she was involved in, "Maps for Drowners," at the Tiffany Theater on Sunset Boulevard.

Reedus soon landed roles in films, beginning with a small part in director William Ryan's drama comedy starring William Sadler and Alessandro Nivola, "Reach the Rock," which was filmed in 1996 but was not released until 1998. He also appeared in Guillermo del Toro's horror film "Mimic" (1997; starring Mira Sorvino and Jeremy Northam), had a supporting role in Joel Schumacher's thriller "8MM" (1999; starring Nicolas Cage and Joaquin Phoenix), and co-starred with Alan Rickman and Polly Walker in Adam Coleman Howard's suspense thriller "Dark Harbor" (screened at film festivals in 1998; released on video in 2000).

After starring as Harry Odum, an 18-year-old who becomes a hitman in order to support his mother (played by Deborah Harry), in Adam Bernstein's "Six Ways to Sunday" (filmed in 1997; released in 1999), Reedus landed a modeling job for Prada.

He was next seen in "I'm Losing You" (1998; starring Frank Langella) and Stacy Title's thriller "Let the Devil Wear Black" (1999; with Jonathan Penner, Jacqueline Bisset, Jamey Sheridan, and Mary-Louise Parker). Norman also gained notice when he co-starred with Sean Patrick Flanery in writer/director Troy Duffy's "The Boondock Saints" (1999).

That same year, Reedus took home a Special Jury Award for Best Acting Performance from the New England Film & Video Festival for his role of Van, a son shouldering the responsibility of his embittered father (played by Will Lyman), in William Roth's moving, solid drama "Floating," which also featured Chad Lowe.

The new millennium saw Reedus co-star with Mark Boone Junior in Nicholson Williams' independent comedy "The Beat Nicks," act opposite Courtney Love and Kiefer Sutherland in Gary Walkow's drama "Beat," and featured with James Marsden and Lena Headey in Davis Guggenheim's college drama film "Gossip."

Norman was also cast opposite Luke Wilson in Jon Bokenkamp's thriller movie "Preston Tylk" and with Michael Vartan and Kari Wührer in Matt Palmieri's thriller "Sand.”

In 2002, Reedus appeared in Everett Lewis' gay-themed drama film starring Justin Herwick, "Luster," and as Scud, a vampire double-agent, in Guillermo del Toro's movie starring Wesley Snipes and Kris Kristofferson, "Blade II." He also co-starred with Stephen Dorff, Brad Renfro, and Fairuza Balk in Scott Kalvert's action film set in 1958 New York, "Deuces Wild."

Reedus subsequently co-starred in the 2003 films "Nobody Needs to Know," a drama by Azazel Jacobs featuring Tricia Vessey and Liz Stauber, "Tough Luck," a thriller by Gary Ellis, and "Octane," a horror/thriller by Marcus Adams featuring Madeleine Stowe, Mischa Barton, Bijou Phillips, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. TV viewers could catch him guest starring in two episodes of the WB hit supernatural drama series "Charmed.”

Reedus next played a fashion photographer in Gregory Hatanaka's "Until the Night" (2004) and appeared in a book-based Japanese/Mandarin film called "Ôsama no kampô" (2004). He was also cast in Christian Alvart's film "Antikörper" (2005; aka. "Antibodies") and was cast as Page's jealous, abusive husband Billy Neal in the HBO original film "The Notorious Bettie Page" (2005).

Reedus also appeared in the TV series pilot "13 Graves" (2006) and was spotted as a guest in an episode of Showtime’s anthology series "Masters of Horror" and NBC’s cop drama "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit."

Meanwhile, on the big screen, he could be seen in Jack Roberts' 15-minute short drama film "Walls" (2006) and in Manuel Pradal's movie "A Crime" (2006), alongside Harvey Keitel and Emmanuelle Béart. Reedus.

Recently, Reedus supported Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe in Ridley Scott's Academy Award-nominated crime film "American Gangster" (2007), and starred in Chris Solimine's drama thriller "Moscow Chill" (2007). He also acted opposite Cuba Gooding Jr. and Ray Liotta in Brian Smrz's action/drama film "Hero Wanted" (2008).

Reedus has completed filming his new project, "Red Canyon," a psychological thriller by Giovanni Rodriguez in which he co-stars with Christine Lakin. He will soon wrap up writer/director Paul Sampson's upcoming horror film, "Night of the Templar," featuring Paul Sampson and David Carradine.

Norman is currently working on Darnell Martin's musical drama "Cadillac Records" (with Emmanuelle Chriqui, Mos Def, Adrien Brody, and Beyoncé Knowles), Pedro Chaves' action/comedy "39," Phil Claydon's action/horror "Joshua Breed" (alongside Terence Stamp and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), and Christian Alvart's sci-fi "Pandorum" (opposite Ben Foster and Dennis Quaid).


  • New England Film & Video Festival: Special Jury Award--Best Acting Performance, "Floating," 1999

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