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Nicole Scherzinger sizzles in smokin' hot pictures from her new album
SP_COP - September 01, 2014 -
Nicole Scherzinger is looking stunning in promotional pictures for her brand new album Your Love, On The Rocks.Despite producing numerous singles, Nicole has not released a collection of songs since h...
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Nicole Scherzinger Openly Speaks Of ''Paralyzing'' Bulimia Hell: ''It Was Such A Dark Time For Me''
SP_COP - July 02, 2014 -
Nicole Scherzinger is the proud owner of one of the most desirable figures in showbiz, but the struggle to achieve this is not widely known.Before the songstress finally became comfortable with her bo...
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Did Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole sack Nicole Scherzinger from The X Factor?
SP_COP - June 14, 2014 -
Nicole Scherzinger was not asked to return to The X Factor for series 11, leading to speculation that Cheryl Cole may have played a part in axing her from the show after a successful two-year run.When...
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