Nicole Eggert
Birth Date:
January 13, 1972
Birth Place:
Glendale, California, USA
5' 1
Famous for:
Her role as Jamie Powell on the show Charles in Charge (1987-1990)
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California Dreamer


At just 5ft1 Nicole Eggert looks just about what you would expect a California dream to look like, very blond with crystal blue eyes. She earned the title of Miss Universe in the petite division at the age of 5, and had her chest endowed (during Baywatch) with silicone implants which she later had removed.

"For all the concern about bodies and weight, Baywatch has three huge catering trucks on the set at all times. One for entrees, one appetizers and one for junk food. It's enough to feed three crews. They'd stick them in our faces, but I had a clause in my contract that said I had to stay within five pounds of 105. It was torture"

"I did a scene after a huge rainfall and there was all this crap floating around in the water. We finally found a clear spot and started frolicking in the waves before looking down to see something just below the water. It was a big bloated dead guy. I let the Coroner's office remove the body. I wasn't going to try saving that one.

Some feel Nicole may have been better off leaving Charles IN Charge (played the character Jamie Powell in "Charles in Charge" (1984), but who knows. Some feel she is best known as "Summer Quinn" on the television series Baywatch.

Childhood and Family:

Nicole Elizabeth Eggert was born on January 13, 1972, in Glendale, California. She is separated from Justin Herwick (starred as Jackson in the unpopular film Luster, 2002) whom she shares 1 daughter with, Dilyn, born in 1998.

Lemonade and Brownies


Nicole Eggert has done commercial, magazine layouts, TV and film, and even posed nude for the cover of Lemonade and Brownies, Sugar Ray's debut album.

Besides the TV re-runs of "Charles in Charge" and "Baywatch" some of Nicole's work can be seen in: Megan in Blown Away (1992), Marie Stark in Anything for Love (1993), Alyssa Lloyd in The Demolitionist (1995), Melissa in Melissa (1995), Miriam Rawlings in Frequent Flyer (1996), Annette in The Price of Kissing (1997), Kristy in Siberia (1998), Zoey Drayden in Murder Seen (2000), Paige Emerson in Wall of Secrets (2003), Julia Merrow in Devil Winds (2003), and Diana Pennington in Snowman's Pass (2004).


  • Young Artist Award: Exceptional Performance by a Young Actress in a Television Comedy Series, Charles in Charge (1988)

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