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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Demands to Know Why Medical Expert Isn't Panicking over Ebola
SP_COP - October 16, 2014 - www.mediaite.com
See if you can spot the moment infectious disease specialist Dalilah Restrepo regretted agreeing to this Fox & Friends interview. It comes at about the 2:42 mark, when Elisabeth Hasselbeck asks her wh...
U.S. Army warns of potential 'airborne' Ebola
SP_COP - October 16, 2014 - www.wnd.com
While Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization officials continue to insist Ebola cannot be transmitted by air from one person to another, an Army manual clearly warns the virus could...
Ebola Puts Nina Pham, a Nurse Unaccustomed to the Spotlight, in Its Glare
SP_COP - October 14, 2014 - www.nytimes.com
Nina Pham spends her days in isolation inside the same hospital where she contracted the Ebola virus working as a critical care nurse. She discusses her care plans with doctors, said a friend who has...
As U.S. sees its first Ebola case, learn how the virus spreads
SP_COP - October 01, 2014 - edition.cnn.com
As the worst Ebola outbreak in history touches the United States with the diagnosis of the first case within America, questions arise about how the infectious virus is spread.Ebola is spread by someon...