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Here's All The VC Firms Who Made More On The Box IPO Than Its CEO
SP_COP - January 23, 2015 - www.forbes.com
Aaron Levie is now the CEO of a public company with a stock thatís had a massively successful debut on Wall St. What he wonít be anytime soon, however, is a billionaire.Box flirted with a $3 billion...
Opinion: 'Tis the season for buying stocks dumped for tax reasons
SP_COP - December 22, 2014 - www.marketwatch.com
Shares of solid companies go on sale at this time of the year simply because itís the season for tax-loss selling.Tax-loss selling hits stocks that have had a bad year. Investors want to dump them to...
''Ugly'' economic reality will slam stocks: Kee
SP_COP - November 04, 2014 - finance.yahoo.com
Some traders are still suffering from October whiplash as November begins on Wall Street today. After a scary swoon in the middle of the month, stocks rallied strongly into the end of October, with th...
Focus on GoPro pushes stock to record highs
SP_COP - September 30, 2014 - americasmarkets.usatoday.com
While most small cap stocks continue to get pummeled, GoPro GPRO continues to shine.The action camera marketer soared 11% to an all-time $90.94 closing high Monday on word that it would expand its l...
Busy Philipps Shops for Groceries Before Thanksgiving!
SP_COP - November 27, 2013 - www.justjared.com
Busy Philipps browses the selection of food at Gelsonís on Monday evening (November 25) in Los Feliz, Calif.Looks like the 34-year-old Cougar Town star is doing a bit of pre-Thanksgiving shopping!ďI l...