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Matt Bomer Set To Play Montgomery Clift In Indie Feature
SP_COP - September 18, 2013 - www.deadline.com
Matt Bomer, the star of White Collar and Magic Mike, is set to play Montgomery Clift in a biopic of the Hollywood star. The film is being shopped for financing by Pier 3 Pictures’ Michael Din, Janine...
SP_COP - May 14, 2013 - www.deadline.com
The veteran filmmaker will be in the chair for Greenwomb Prods.’ Terra Infirma, an ensemble action-thriller whose stars include Angus MacFadyen, Wes Studi and Adam Beach. Set in the American Southwest...
Jake Gyllenhaal And Rene Russo To Star In Crime Thriller Nightcrawler
SP_COP - May 06, 2013 - www.cinemablend.com
Jake Gyllenhaal dabbled in the world of crime journalism when he starred as cartoonist Robert Graysmith in David Fincher's brilliant 2007 crime thriller Zodiac, and today we have learned that he is re...