Simon Kinberg brands X-Men: Apocalypse a ''disaster movie''
SP_COP - May 26, 2014 -
With X-Men: Days Of Future Past currently blowing apart the worldwide box office, writer Simon Kinberg has hinted that next X-flick, X-Men: Apocalypse, could wreak similar levels of destruction.In dis...
Simon Kinberg explains problems with an X-Men / Fantastic Four crossover
SP_COP - May 13, 2014 -
With Josh Trank rebooting The Fantastic Four and the X-Men adventures continuing to line up on Fox's release schedule, many fans have been wondering whether the two franchises might cross over at some...
Simon Kinberg on X-Men movie universe, TV spin-off
SP_COP - April 28, 2014 -
A Deadpool movie and a possible X-Men TV series? Simon Kinberg has been dropping hints...Simon Kinberg is a busy man. He's been working on Star Wars with JJ Abrams. He's co-penned this summer's X-Men:...