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Mormon leader Monson lauds late apostle Scott’s 'keen intellect and charitable spirit'
By SP_COP on September 29, 2015 | From
Mormon leader Monson lauds late apostle Scott’s 'keen intellect and charitable spirit' As Mormon apostle Richard G. Scott lay dying, LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson visited his longtime colleague one last time.

Monson, considered a "prophet, seer and revelator" in the 15 million-member Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, placed his hands on the head of his failing friend to give Scott a blessing and commit him to the care of God and loved ones — particularly his beloved late wife, Jeanene — waiting on "the other side."

"I felt our Heavenly Father's great love for [Richard]," Monson said Monday as the concluding speaker at the hourlong funeral for Scott, who died Sept. 22 at age 86. "I expressed gratitude for his many years of dedicated service, willing attitude, his undeviating faith."

The LDS leader said the Salt Lake City home, where close family members had gathered, was filled with a "spirit of peace."

For Monday's solemn send-off, the Mormon Tabernacle on Temple Square was nearly filled with family, friends, LDS authorities, former missionaries, other well-wishers and the faith's world famous choir.

"Many here are recipients of his tender care," the 88-year-old Monson said in his speech. "He went about doing good."

Scott was "an honorable man, even a man of God," the LDS president added. "He had an insightful mind, keen intellect and charitable spirit. ... [He was] equally at home with the poor ... as with the rich and the famous."

Now the apostle is gone to a different place, where he is "no foreigner or stranger," Monson concluded, "Richard, our cherished friend, we've loved you here. We will love you there."

Scott brought a science background to his 27-year tenure as an apostle. He had worked as a nuclear engineer on the staff of Adm. Hyman Rickover, contributing to the design of the nuclear reactor for the U.S. Navy's first nuclear-powered submarine, the USS Nautilus.

His passing leaves three vacancies in the LDS Church's Quorum of the Twelve Apostles — coming after the deaths earlier this year of colleagues L. Tom Perry and Boyd K. Packer.

Mormon authorities are expected to fill some if not all of those high-level openings when the faith's fall General Conference continues this weekend....
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