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Bob Sturm: Cowboys' loss shows Brandon Weeden is out of his league
By SP_COP on September 27, 2015 | From
Bob Sturm: Cowboys' loss shows Brandon Weeden is out of his league Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket host Bob Sturm gives his instant analysis on the Dallas Cowboys' loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday:

Overall thoughts

They needed to play mistake-free and not give away anything today to have a chance to beat a pretty good football team. Despite a lot of things going well in the early going, it was not close to a clean performance to end the day happy. The defense was disappointing. Most of us expected the offense to be disappointing. The defense had no answer to the Falcons' run game -- that we certainly did not fear entering the day -- and all of the problems Julio Jones causes. And put those together you have what you have: a very disappointing result and a second half where the Cowboys were beat up pretty badly on both sides of the ball.

Brandon Weeden didn't attempt many passes downfield; rate his performance

You can tell either Weeden or the coaches or both don't want him making any throws that would be regarded as medium or high levels of difficulty. He threw 26 passes and I remember (two long ones) -- the seam route to Jason Witten, that was a high pass and a slant to Terrance Williams. Otherwise everything was within five yards of the line of scrimmage, and the Falcons adjusted appropriately. Once that happened, the Cowboys had an offense that had zero explosiveness. They were going to have to run the football right down the Falcons throats, and the Falcons would not have that. They stacked the box and quieted that idea in the second half.

Should the Cowboys have thrown more downfield?

Yes. Oh yes. That was their only chance -- catch the Falcons not taking their passing game seriously. And the time to try that is first down. I am pretty sure they never passed on first and they were pretty clear with their gameplan, which was try to work with a quarterback who can't run an NFL offense very well. The more we think about it, we should have seen that last week when they traded for Matt Cassel. Not that Cassel can do magic tricks. They were pretty sure what Brandon Weeden could not do....
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