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'Minority Report': TV Review
By SP_COP on September 22, 2015 | From
'Minority Report': TV Review I spent a lot of time struggling to find something positive about Fox’s Minority Report, but since the network (like others) only sent the pilot along, there wasn’t much to go on. The pilot is pretty awful — awful enough that it’s hard to imagine who would stay around to find out if future episodes get better.

But I did find one positive thing, though it comes with some caveats: Minority Report has a strong minority cast. Diversity is an ongoing issue in television so, yes, a cast fronted by people of color is still notable. And yet, star Meagan Good, who plays police detective Lara Vega in the series, seems capable of a lot more than looking awesome while running around in outfits made to show off her figure (including, hilariously, a leather jacket that buttons at the neck but — naturally — unzips at the cleavage).

Andrew Stewart-Jones at least gets to be a mayoral candidate named Peter Van Eyck and does nothing in the pilot that yet suggests the writers will make him embarrassed to be on the show. Wilmer Valderrama, on the other hand, gives a performance in the pilot he’d probably rather have back — and playing the pointlessly evil boss of Good certainly doesn’t do him any favors.

But it’s hard to say “yay for diversity” when these people may be looking for work if Minority Report doesn’t get exponentially better in the next hour.

So, what other positives can be taken from a bad pilot with no indication of where it goes next? Well, yes, the snarky might suggest that maybe the "precogs" who can see the future — so essential to the Steven Spielberg-Tom Cruise film of 2002 — would come in handy in that department. But as we find out in the TV adaptation airing tonight, they haven’t been used in 10 years, ever since the idea of "precrime" — where three very intuitive siblings predict crimes before they happen in the future — was abandoned....
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