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Giants unravel in devastating deja vu choke job
By SP_COP on September 21, 2015 | From
Giants unravel in devastating deja vu choke job No white flag of surrender, no admission of failure, but Tom Coughlin sure offered some coach-speak that spoke volumes of what the 2015 Giants, thus far, are all about.

“We can’t make mistakes,’’ Coughlin said glumly Sunday afternoon. “We have to count on the other guys.’’

There it is, the revealing way coaches often describe their team when they know their team is lacking talent. We have to be perfect. We have to hope the other team is far from perfect.

Well, the Giants have been perfect only when it comes to blowing leads. They did it again, this time all but putting their arms out to welcome the Falcons back into the game, all but insisting that a combination of offensive and defensive meltdowns would coalesce into another loss.

The Giants scored 17 unanswered points to carry a 10-point lead into the fourth quarter of their home opener, but it all went down the chute after that, with Matt Ryan firing a touchdown pass to Leonard Hankerson, Julio Jones making the sublime look routine and Devonta Freeman scoring with 1:14 remaining. It was just enough time for Eli Manning and the Giants to pretend they could mount a winning drive but not nearly enough time to prevent a 24-20 loss at MetLife Stadium that dropped the sad-sack Giants to 0-2.

“I just asked them to search down inside, we talk every week about finishing,’’ Coughlin said after his Giants lost its first two games for the third consecutive season. “That wasn’t a finish for me. We talk about ‘don’t keep score, I’ll keep score.’ I’ll let you know when the game’s over, but that’s not what happened again today.’’

And so, the Giants are on the wrong end of infamy: They become the first team in NFL history to blow fourth-quarter, double-digit leads to lose the first two games of their season.

Two games, two collapses, same result.

“The scoreboard, them having more points than us at the end,’’ said Odell Beckham Jr. asked to compare the two losses. “It comes on us as far as being able to execute in crunch times like this.’’

Last week, a 23-13 lead devolved into a series of misadventures and monumental Manning brainlocks at the worst possible time as the Cowboys got their winning points with seven seconds left to escape with a 27-26 victory.

This time, the Giants battled back from a 10-3 deficit to take a 20-10 lead into the fourth quarter. But it should have been more, as Manning, unaware of his surroundings, was flushed out of the pocket and sacked from behind on third down by Kroy Biermann and fumbled the ball away on the Atlanta 9-yard line — the only turnover of the game....
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