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Mia Khalifa: 5 Things To Know About Everyone's New Favorite *** Star
By SP_COP on January 28, 2015 | From
Mia Khalifa: 5 Things To Know About Everyone's New Favorite *** Star Mia Khalifa, 21, has quickly become one of the top-rated *** stars on the internet. Along with her sexy looks and her sassy personality, the Lebanese-born “actress” is a fan favorite — and has everything you need to know about her right here!

Mia Khalifa: 5 Things To Know

Now that everyone wants to know who Mia is after her shocking radio interview, allegedly calling out Drake for trying to hook up with her on Instagram, can provide you with five of the most interesting facts about her.

Ready, set… here we go!

1.) She Was Working At A Fast Food Restaurant Before Porn

Yes, it’s true. Mia was once working a fast food burger restaurant in Miami, Fla., and that’s where she was approached by someone asking if she would ever try doing porn. Seriously!

2.) Mia Has A Bachelor’s Degree In History

All beauty and no brain? Not for Mia. This *** star graduated from the University of Texas in El Paso with a Bachelor’s Degree in History. Sounds like a good fall back plan!

3.) Mia Was Born In Beirut, Lebanon Before Moving To America

When Mia was just 7 years old, her family packed their bags and left Lebanon behind for the United States. As a teenager, Mia and her family lived in Maryland.

4.) Mia Is Married — Sorry Guys

Bad news for those of you hoping to get your chance with Mia: she’s totally off the market. In 2011, just after turning 18, Mia married an American man. They are currently living together in Florida.

5.) Timeflies Wrote Mia Her Own Theme Song

You know you’re cool when you have your own theme song. The song, called “Mia Khalifa,” was written and recorded by one of MTV’s well-known “Artists to Watch,” Timeflies. You can LISTEN to it hear!...
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