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'Car Talk's' Tom Magliozzi has died, NPR reports
By SP_COP on November 03, 2014 | From
'Car Talk's' Tom Magliozzi has died, NPR reports Tom Magliozzi, who along with his brother delivered insights on automobiles through a blizzard of Boston-accented quips, putdowns and laughter on NPR’s “Car Talk” program, has died. He was 77.

He died today of complications from Alzheimer’s disease, NPR said.

Magliozzi and his younger brother, Ray, called themselves “Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers” on “Car Talk,” which aired weekly on NPR from 1987 until their retirement in 2012. The show has been heard in re-runs on NPR member stations since then. The "Car Talk" column appears in Saturday editions of The Buffalo News.

Both brothers graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Cambridge, before going into the car-repair business, according to NPR. They had grown up in East Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The brothers opened Hackers Heaven, a do-it-yourself repair shop, in the early 1970s, then a more traditional repair shop called the Good News Garage.
Radio found Magliozzi when WBUR, Boston’s NPR station, put him on a panel of car mechanics for a talk show. The next week, he brought his brother.

In 2012, when the brothers stopped doing new episodes, the Associated Press reported “Car Talk” was NPR’s most popular program.

“We’ve managed to avoid getting thrown off NPR for 25 years, giving tens of thousands of wrong answers and had a *** of a time every week talking to callers,” Magliozzi said, according to AP. “The stuff in our archives still makes us laugh. So we figured, why keep slaving over a hot microphone?”...
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