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Ray Fisher didn't know he was to get standalone Cyborg film
By SP_COP on October 22, 2014 | From
Ray Fisher didn't know he was to get standalone Cyborg film Ray Fisher will be playing Cyborg in Batman V Superman and two Justice League movies. The standalone film? It was a surprise to him...

Amidst the raft of DC Comics' based movies that Warner Bros announced last week was one that not too many people were expecting: a solo Cyborg film. As part and parcel of the announcement, Warner Bros revealed that Ray Fisher was taking on the role, and that the standalone Cyborg project is due in cinemas in 2020.

The second part of that sentence? It was news to Ray Fisher.

Fisher has done some work on Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and he's also confirmed that he'll appear in both Justice League: Part One and Justice League: Part Two.

Chatting to Entertainment Weekly, however, Fisher admitted that "I didn't know the extent to which DC and WB had planned on taking my character".

"When I signed on, I just wanted to be part of this world. But that specific information, I found out there and then. I didn't think I'd be getting my own standalone film"....
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