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By SP_COP on October 17, 2014 | From www.cbssports.com
Fantasy: Reaction to Percy Harvin trade Well, the Jets certainly aren't giving Geno Smith any excuses as he works his way through another tough season.

After signing Eric Decker to a big contract this offseason, the Jets gave Smith another weapon with Friday's shocking trade for Percy Harvin. Of course, Harvin was also supposed to make Russell Wilson's life easier, and that never really happened either. What kind of Fantasy impact should we expect for both trades?


For the Jets, the upside in trading for Harvin is obvious. Though he hasn't been a consistent game breaker since 2012, Harvin still showed flashes with Seattle, albeit in scattered spots. He had a big kick return touchdown in last year's Super Bowl and gave the team an all-around threat in the passing and running games, albeit one they may not have known how to utilize.

The Jets appear to have seen enough from Smith to at least want to invest in the team around him, and he now has plenty of options. The question will be whether the team knows how to use Harvin, who had just 23 catches in six career games for the Seahawks.

Presumably, the Jets did not make this trade to have Harvin sit on the sidelines, which he was doing more often than expected in Seattle. Harvin was third among receivers for the Seahawks in Snaps, having played in just 59.5 percent of the team's offensive plays.

Expect that number to go up, and for Harvin to simply get more opportunities on a team that has put the ball in the air more often, if less effectively. The Jets average 35 pass attempts per game, compared to the Seahawks' 28. Unfortunately, this trade essentially gives Harvin two extra bye weeks, since the Jets have already played in Week 7 and still have their bye on the way in Week 11.

Of course, we have seen big name wideouts, like Randy Moss (2010), Keenan McCardell (2004), Roy Williams (2008) and Chris Chambers (2007), be part of midseason trades without making much of an impact. Between those four players, they had just four double digit Fantasy performances in 39 combined games.

Hang on to Harvin at this point, but it may take a few weeks for him to make an impact, if he does at all. Just ask anyone who thought Trent Richardson's value would skyrocket after joining the Colts last season. A change of scenery is never a guarantee to spark a failing player.


Harvin's time in Seattle was always about the theoretical threat his presence represented more than anything. Though he led the team in targets through five games, it wasn't like he was used like a true No. 1 receiver, with 18.6 percent of the team's passes going his way.

We should Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse's roles increase, though this is always going to be a team that spreads the ball around rather than leaning too much on any one player. Last season, with Harvin available for just one game, no player was targeted more than 98 times, with six between 35 and 73 targets....
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