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Michelle Wie: The dark art of a golf star
By SP_COP on October 10, 2014 | From www.wisn.com
Michelle Wie: The dark art of a golf star Her artwork is dark, bold and often sombre, with black figures and sinister skulls splattered across the canvasses.

"My mom was like, 'You were obsessed with skulls ever since you were a baby,'" explains Michelle Wie, one of the world's leading female golfers.

It's an infatuation that comes to the fore when she picks up a paintbrush; an infatuation she finds hard to explain and one seemingly at odds with the smiling poster girl who has been playing golf for as long as she can remember.

"I guess I'm half a very happy person, half a very morbid person," the 24-year-old told CNN.

"There's a lot of emotions and feelings you can't really get out any other way and I'm not a very good poet or lyricist.

"I definitely feel very in the moment when I paint."

In recent months, Wie has certainly been in the moment on the golf course.

The Hawaii-born former child prodigy -- whose parents immigrated from South Korean -- won the first major of her career at June's U.S. Open, sweet relief for a player who has carried the weight of expectation on her shoulders for over a decade.

"I think that people have very high expectations of me," says Wie from her Florida home in a telephone interview. "It's really tough being in the spotlight, everything you do is examined.

"That's the nature of the game. When you do well people praise you, but when you don't do well people will tear you apart.

"That's kind of the way fame is."...
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