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Jennifer Aniston nurturing pregnancy rumors: A new take on perpetual baby tales
By SP_COP on October 09, 2014 | From www.examiner.com
Jennifer Aniston nurturing pregnancy rumors: A new take on perpetual baby tales Jennifer Aniston was once rumored to have a hankering to start a family around the time her ex-husband Brad Pitt joined Angelina Jolie’s ready-made family, but that never materialized. She proved to the masses that if and when she has kids it’s because she’s ready to have them. If it was about racing Brad Pitt to parenthood, like once thought, Jen is a loser on that account!

The perpetual baby talk is up and running on high again for Jen, this time it is of course with Justin Theroux. Is she pregnant, planning to get pregnant or ready to start adopting kids? Today you can find a rumor that will address each and every avenue that Jen might use for acquiring a family.

According to Enstar on Oct. 7, the baby rumors taking flight today are blamed on Jen, who is nurturing the rumors to bring more attention to herself for Oscar season. While she’s not accused of starting the rumors, she is said to be taking advantage of them to generate attention for her “Cake” role as the Oscar’s get closer.

This sounds ridiculous, but when it comes to baby rumors, Jen's fans can say they've heard just about everything. So, it seems that Jen isn't planning to nurture a baby soon, so instead she'll nurture the rumors and make them work for her by way of the Oscars?

Justin Theroux, who is Jen’s fiancé, once said in an interview that he was very aware of pressure coming from the media for Jen to have a baby. He was quick to say that the media doesn’t have a say in their family planning....
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