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Nicky Whelan gives herself an undercut after filming wraps up on US TV series Matador
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Nicky Whelan gives herself an undercut after filming wraps up on US TV series Matador The Australian actor has just finished shooting the first season of US TV series Matador, where she plays a straight down the line CIA agent.

So when shooting finished, she gave herself an undercut.

“My character is very professional and by the book,” she said. “I wrapped on the last day and I finished my last scene and I was like, will it be okay if I shave my head and they said go for it so a few of us gave ourselves a mini Mohawk.”

She added: “This isn’t the first time I’ve done this when I’ve finished a job. In Australia over Christmas last year I did the same thing. I prefer my hair like this, it is minimal work but it is not good for the work that I do unless I play a character like this. It will grow back by the time we go back to work.”

The second season of Matador will go into production next year.

“It is basically myself and another guy working for the CIA and we recruit another agent to come undercover into a soccer team because the owner of the team is involved in some international terrorism bits and pieces,” she explained of the plot.

“It is a spy show, sort of like a James Bond movie every episode. It is sexy. There’s sort of no rules in our network.”

Whelan has been based in LA for seven years, having made her name in Australia playing Pepper Steiger on popular soap Neighbours.

“It took me a few years but now I am very settled,” she said....
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