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WWE news: Nikki Bella set to team with Paige on Monday Night Raw
By SP_COP on September 29, 2014 | From
WWE news: Nikki Bella set to team with Paige on Monday Night Raw According to a Sept. 15 report from, Nikki Bella is set to team up with WWE Divas Champion, Paige, during the Sept. 15 live taping of WWE Monday Night Raw in Lafayette, La. Bella and Paige will be competing against Brie Bella and former WWE Divas champ AJ Lee.

What does this bout mean for the WWE Divas division? Plenty. Nikki Bella has been receiving a huge push since turning heel at SummerSlam, so a strong showing tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw could put her over the top as a title contender in the near future. Currently, Paige is the WWE Divas champ, and Lee is considered the top contender. Nikki Bella and Paige are the top two heel characters in the WWE Divas division. Paige is the world champion, while Nikki Bella is a bit farther down the line as far as contenders go.

However, the tides can change quickly in the WWE. Often times, titles change hands due to fan reaction. The stronger the heat or applause from WWE Universe, the more likely an athlete receives a push. That said, Bella could be next in line for a title shot. She'll be competing in a Triple Threat match for the divas strap this weekend at Night of Champions, but she's not expected to win.

In all likelihood, Paige will retain her belt, or Lee will reign supreme. Bella is a heavy underdog heading into the Triple Threat match at Night of Champions, but she's been slowly climbing her way up the ladder in the division. Bella's feud with her sister, Brie, has been absolutely eaten up by the WWE's fan base....
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