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Is the iPhone 6 Plus easy to bend? Video says yes
By SP_COP on September 25, 2014 | From
Is the iPhone 6 Plus easy to bend? Video says yes If you notice your new iPhone is a little bent out of shape when you pull it out of your pocket, you may not be seeing things.

Apple's new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which boast aluminum shells for lightness, apparently live up to that other characteristic of aluminum: malleability.

Reports of bent iPhone 6 and 6 Plus handsets are popping up on social media, and one product reviewer posted a video showing how far the larger frame can bend if one really, really tries.

On Twitter, it's being called #BendGate and #Bendghazi.

So far there has been no official response from Apple.

Russell Holly, 29, decided to examine his new, silver iPhone 6 after seeing online reports of bent iPhones.

He noticed it wobbled on a flat surface. Then he compared it to the other iPhone 6 he bought. The bend was unmistakable. His confidence in the iPhone shaken, the mobile editor for returned the phone....
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