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'America's Got Talent' Recap: The Final Performances of Season 9
By SP_COP on September 17, 2014 | From www.buddytv.com
'America's Got Talent' Recap: The Final Performances of Season 9 Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! After nearly four months and thousands of wannabes, we've whittled it down to our Top 6, and the time has finally arrived for the final performances on season 9 of America's Got Talent. That means one final kick-ass show at Radio City Music Hall is all that stands between one of the finalists and a million buckaroos.

And oh boy, had they better bring it.

Look, at this point, everyone is good. And while I'd say four of these acts have a clear leg up on the competition and are responsible for a majority of the best performances we've seen, anything can happen with a killer set. And it's anyone's game. Seriously, if I don't say "Wow!" as your stand on the stage, breathless, taking in the ovations, you aren't winning this thing.

Breaking It Down

Miguel Dakota and Quintavious Johnson are the underdogs in the race, with the former not quite having reached his potential (despite his dashing good looks and frontman persona) and the latter never distinguishing himself from himself.

Can Quintavious win it all? Sure. But we know exactly what to expect from him and will then pencil everyone else in around him. He just hasn't found a way to improve upon his previous performances because they've all been consistently spectacular. The two of them are least likely to invoke a "wow."

A surprising two-thirds of our finalists are singing acts (four-sixth, to be exact), and that has me worried about one of my favorites, Sons of Serendip. SOS has never ceased to inspire goosebumps, but they barely made it into the Top 6 and have a steep trek to the tippy top of the mountain.

They lack the punch of Emily West, the teenie-bopper heartthrob appeal of Miguel and the totes adorability of Quintavious. And that has me convinced they'll be on the outside looking in, though I hope to be proven wrong. I even expect them to go first.

A Three-Horse Race

For me, this one is going to come down to the best singer in the competition, the dazzling magician and the mystifying, death-defying acrobats.

With another astounding trick, Mat Franco could be the first magic act to win the title. But he'll have to contend with AcroArmy, which could also be the first dance troupe to take the million if they can invent another mind-blowing, show-stopping move like the two they put out in the semifinals.

Then there's Emily West, the former aspiring country star who lost her record deal and is riding her second chance back to center stage. She has been nothing short of brilliant, and another similar performance could be all she needs to bring her comeback story to a triumphant conclusion.

This one might go down to the wire.

On with the Show!

Here we go, folks. It all comes down to this. There are no more Snapple Saves or Judges' Choice. It's time for someone to win this thing.

And I have absolutely no idea why we need two hours for just six acts. This one screams for an hour (with a two-hour results show), but it'll somehow be stretched to 120 minutes. Maybe they'll just have Nick Cannon stand there and practice his elongated pauses. He'll stare at the camera for two and three minutes at a time before introducing the next act.

Remember, the blog is live, so keep the conversation going in the comments section. You've been watching with me all season, so don't leave me hanging now! Who are you most excited to see again, and who do you think is the frontrunner to be crowned the next America's Got Talent-est?

The LIVE Blog Starts Now

Nick's second-to-last getup is a straight-up classic tux with the signature Judy Garland kicks and a blingy watch to match, and he re-introduces us to the finalists before turning a watchful eye to the judges.

Howie's rocking the fedora, Mel B. is strangely shiny, Heidi has some seldom-seen cleav and Howard is sporting the full three-piece. America's Judge predicts one heck of a final, so let's get to it. Each act is performing twice, first offering a reprisal of what they consider their best. It's a weak way to fill the time, but what are you gonna do?

Quintavious Johnson Resings a Classic

He's singing "I'd Rather Go Blind" from the semifinals, whereas I would've gone with "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going," but that's just me. He's standing on a giant lightbulb-flashing box with his name and picture on it, which strikes me as strange for such a young kid.

His voice is as powerful as ever, but I'm not quite getting the feeling and energy I'd like from this one. As far as Big Q goes, this is a rather sleepy way to kick things off. But maybe that comes with the territory of having them re-do a previous performance....
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