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James McAvoy tells X-Men fans at premiere: new instalment is epic
By SP_COP on May 13, 2014 | From www.heraldscotland.com
James McAvoy tells X-Men fans at premiere: new instalment is epic X-Men stars James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender came face-to-face with their older counterparts Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen at the rain-soaked UK premiere of their new superhero film.

The four actors were reunited on the blue carpet outside the Odeon Leicester Square cinema in London, days after the world premiere of X-Men: Days Of Future Past, in New York.

The London event is part of the X-Men X-perience global take-over, which sees the cast also attending premieres in Moscow, Melbourne, Beijing, Singapore and Sao Paulo.

Scottish actor McAvoy, 35, portrays the younger version of Professor Charles Xavier, who is played by Sir Patrick in his older years, while 37-year-old Fassbender and Sir Ian, 74, both play Erik Lensherr 'Magneto' in Bryan Singer's sequel.

McAvoy joked that sharing screen time with 73-year-old Sir Patrick was "terrible".

"It's my film now and I want it back. For the next one I want it all to myself," he said, adding: "It's amazing - twice the Charles and twice the fun."

He said that the latest instalment in the franchise will not disappoint fans, hundreds of whom braved the rain to meet the cast.

"It's epic," McAvoy said.

Singer, who directed the previous X-Men trilogy, handed over the directing reins of X-Men: First Class to Matthew Vaughn but has returned to Days Of Future Past. In a statement, he said he will not participate in any promotional duties for the film after being hit with a lawsuit for allegations of sexual abuse.

Fassbender complimented the film-maker, saying: "I didn't believe Bryan could reignite the whole superhero phenomenon that we are experiencing now so it seemed like he was the right person to bring the two casts together."...
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