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Matthew McConaughey stars in first official Interstellar image
By SP_COP on May 09, 2014 | From
Matthew McConaughey stars in first official Interstellar image The first official Interstellar image has debuted in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, giving us our first look at leading man, Matthew McConaughey.

The new image shows McConaughey tinkering with what looks like some sort of model spacecraft, watched by a pair of teenagers who look as though they might be his children.

Not too much to be gleaned from that, then, although production designer Nathan Crowley has given away a few tidbits of info on some of the key plot themes.

According to Crowley, Christopher Nolan first brought him on board by asking, "Do you want to do a movie about black holes, relativity, gravity, and their effect on time?"

However, if all of that sounds very grand-scale and impersonal, Crowley is quick to stress the importance of the more intimate aspects of the plot. "Ultimately," he says, "it's this very human story about a father and daughter."...
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