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Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini star in first trailer for The Drop: watch now
By SP_COP on April 02, 2014 | From www.totalfilm.com
Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini star in first trailer for The Drop: watch now The first trailer has arrived for The Drop, in which Tom Hardy plays the bartender at a bar serving as a money drop-off point for the area’s local gangsters.

So when the bar is ripped off one night, both Hardy and his cousin, played here by the late James Gandolfini, find themselves indebted to some distinctly unpleasant characters.

But while Hardy wants to turn his back on the whole business, Gandolfini (who was something of a badass himself, in his younger years) is hell-bent on getting every cent of the money back, one way or another…...
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Leto, Smith, Hardy sign on for 'Suicide Squad'
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Hollywood's getting a new Joker.Warner Bros. announced Tuesday that Oscar winner Jared Leto will star as Batman's arch-nemesis in the upcoming action movie Suicide Squad, written and directed by David...
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James Gandolfini true to type in final movie 'The Drop'
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After his critically acclaimed ‘Bullhead’, young Belgian director Michael Roskam is back with urban thriller 'The Drop', starring James Gandolfini.It was Gandolfini’s final movie before the Sopranos s...
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Jared Leto Could Be The Suicide Squad's Joker
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There was talk earlier this year that Jared Leto might be jumping into the Marvel universe as a potential candidate to play Doctor Strange. While that doesn’t seem to be happening now, he is still bei...
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Tom Hardy Injures Ankle on Krays Movie Set
SP_COP - June 20, 2014 - www.femalefirst.co.uk
British actor Tom Hardy has injured his ankle while filming Legend, the new movie about the infamous Kray twins. Tom went (fell) over pretty hardHardy is playing both brothers, Ronnie and Reggie Kr...
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