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Samuel L Jackson: As a young black actor, my character always died
By SP_COP on March 28, 2014 | From
Samuel L Jackson: As a young black actor, my character always died To use his own favourite word – one he still mantras daily to overcome a childhood stutter – interviewing Samuel L Jackson is a scary motherf***ing prospect. However, bounding into his hotel room like some badass Tigger, a Hollywood-brite smile beaming from under his trademark Kangol hat (burgundy today), it’s clear the 6ft 2in actor is in a happy place.

The cause of his joy? ‘It was awesome! It was a first!’ @SamuelLJackson enthuses of a picture he had just posted on Twitter. ‘I mean people often do interesting things in your hotel room: they put flowers in there or make cookie arrangements with your name in or whatever, but I have never, ever had anybody monogram a robe and a pillow case in my room. I was kind of like: “Wow!”.’

That a global movie icon with 118 films to his credit, including Pulp Fiction, Die Hard: With A Vengeance, the Star Wars prequels and Django Unchained, would still be so psyched by finding ‘SLJ’ embroidered on his fluffy hotel bathrobe is kind of sweet. He often plays world-weary, ultra-cool loners on screen but off it there’s nothing jaded about Mr Jackson. This, after all, is a dude who made

Snakes On A Plane because he liked the title. And he loves fooling around on Twitter. ‘My daughter had to teach me that I don’t respond to trolls,’ he says. ‘But if somebody says something really nasty about me, I retweet it and let my followers handle it.’...
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