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Lady Gaga Wants To Be Gagged And Beaten In Upcoming Tour
By SP_COP on March 21, 2014 | From
Lady Gaga Wants To Be Gagged And Beaten In Upcoming Tour She's drenched herself in fake blood, played the piano in mid air and simulated *** with R Kelly. What more can Lady Gaga do on stage?

According to Life&Style magazine, the answer is S&M.

Mother monster was recently overhead discussing plans for her upcoming tour where she said she “really wants to push the envelope”.

The critically acclaimed singer, who's racked up no less than 240 music awards, then said that she wants her backing dancers to gag and beat her on stage.

However, this is the not the first time the subject of sadomasochism has been mentioned in pop culture. Three years ago, when Rihanna released the single 'S&M' she came up against heavy criticism - the video was banned and the song heavily censored in several countries.

But Gaga doesn't seem fazed by this and is currently compiling a list of ideas that have the 'shock factor'....
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