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Cent - 50 Cent Dismisses Tony Yayo's Complaints About Broken Friendship
By SP_COP on March 14, 2014 | From
Cent - 50 Cent Dismisses Tony Yayo's Complaints About Broken Friendship Rapper 50 Cent is refusing to pay attention to disparaging comments made by his former G-Unit bandmate and friend Tony Yayo, insisting he has done everything he can for his longtime sidekick.

Yayo recently took to his page to announce his retirement, revealing he was no longer part of G-Unit and accusing his former pal of abandoning him and fellow group member Lloyd Banks.

The In Da Club hitmaker has now hit back, insisting he gave both Yayo and Banks the best chance possible to make it in the music industry on their own.

He tells, "I had a wonderful journey with the people I grew up with. I think the frustration comes from shock, probably, that it's not everything they wanted it to be.

"It's not a secret, it's a known fact that he (Yayo) actually came home from jail with a million dollars and a Bentley. Like, 'What do you want?' These guys are millionaires. They've made millions of dollars. Why do that then..? I don't know what the goal was."

He adds, "I don't believe in looking back. I can care less about things that's (sic) happened in the past. I'm looking forward, at prosperity....
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