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Jared Leto: Jennifer Lawrence putting on a 'bit of an act'?
By SP_COP on March 07, 2014 | From entertainment.stv.tv
Jared Leto: Jennifer Lawrence putting on a 'bit of an act'? Jared Leto wonders if Jennifer Lawrence's haphazard ways are a ''bit of an act''.

The 'American Hustle' actress tripped up over her dress as she went to accept the Oscar for Best Actress at last year's Academy Awards, and then slipped again on the red carpet at this year's show, and Jared is getting suspicious.

He told website Access Hollywood: ''You know, I'm starting to wonder if this is a bit of an act.''

Jared - who was named Best Supporting Actor for his role in 'Dallas Buyers Club' on Sunday (02.03.14) - also explained how a moment when Jennifer, 23, went off script as she came onto the stage was because she saw him and his family laughing.

Jared, 42, added: ''She said, 'What are you laughing at?' But what she didn't know was that Ellen was on the side ... making, pantomiming [motions like], 'Don't fall, don't fall,' and my mom and my brother are all cracking up.

''I guess we don't have any manners. You can take them out of Louisiana but you can't take Louisiana out of them, right?''...
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