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By SP_COP on February 15, 2014 | From
Dean is desperate to win his wife, Tori, back after he allegedly cheated on her with multiple partners. is happy to report EXCLUSIVELY that their marriage is on the mend, thanks in part to Dean’s heartfelt Valentine’s Day gift to Tori!

After checking into rehab on Jan. 22 to save his marriage, Dean McDermott is willing to do anything to show Tori Spelling how much he truly loves her. The father of four even wrote his famous wife “a poem about love, true love, for Valentine’s Day,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. How sweet!
Tori Spelling: Dean McDermott’s Valentine’s Day Plan To Win Her Back

After a highly publicized report that Dean had cheated on his wife with Emily Goodhand while in Canada in December, 2013, Tori decided to take the high road and try to work things out with her husband.

“Tori’s patience and open heart have really paid off,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. “She and Dean are making huge strides in their relationship and Dean even wrote her a poem about love, true love, for Valentine’s Day. She’s in a good place. I’m happy for her.”

We are happy to hear that Tori and Dean are doing so well, especially for the sake of their beautiful family.
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