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Jada: Know your value
By SP_COP on February 04, 2014 | From
Jada: Know your value Jada Pinkett Smith thinks women who snoop don't know their "value".

The 42-year-old actress, who often reaches out to her followers on social media, penned a "letter to a friend" and posted it on her Facebook page on Monday.

In the note, she tells an insecure female reader to know she's a "downright treasure", and then asks why she feels the need to look through her man's belongings.

"...When you speak about going through his cell phone, following him or having your dude followed, it makes me wonder if you truly have an understanding of your value," Jada writes.

"In my opinion, the belief that we can police and manipulate someone into behaving and making us feel the love we believe we deserve, is an illusion. Your man has to decide on what kind of man he wants to be and then you can decide if he's the kind of man you want to build with. But you also have to decide if you are ready to be the kind of woman that believes she is worthy of love."

Jada's own relationship with husband Will Smith has been subjected to intense scrutiny, with rumours circulating in recent months the couple have an open marriage.

While the actress has dismissed the claims, she tells her "friend" the most important lesson she's learned is to believe you're "worthy of love"....
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