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Miley Cyrus: Madonna Wasn't My First First Guest Choice For 'Unplugged'
By SP_COP on February 01, 2014 | From
Miley Cyrus: Madonna Wasn't My First First Guest Choice For 'Unplugged' Miley Cyrus and Madonna turned it out for "MTV's Unplugged," but the 21-year-old initially wanted another music legend to share the "Unplugged" stage with her.

Access Hollywood's Liz Hernandez spoke to Miley as she prepped for her upcoming "Bangerz" tour, where she revealed who first came to mind when planning the big surprise.

"I just wanted to have a special guest that would be something that no one saw coming, especially with it being 'Unplugged.' I really wanted my [godmother] Dolly [Parton] to be there," Miley revealed to Liz.

When the country legend couldn't make the show, Miley looked to a different legendary performer.

"[Dolly] had a show on the day of 'Unplugged,' so she wasn't able to be there, so I was like, who can I bring besides Dolly that would be something like that? And I [thought] Madonna... I don't think people would expect her to go on 'Unplugged' like that," she continued.

But landing Madonna, who performed a mash-up of "We Can't Stop" and "Don't Tell Me" with Miley, wasn't even a definite.

"I never knew if it was gonna be possible. We just kind of threw it out there and when I was working on my record I wanted to have her on a song... she was working on her album and then when it was time for 'Unplugged,'" Miley explained.

The young singer was pleasantly surprised when Madonna was up for some playful onstage groping....
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