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Batman vs. Superman - Joaquin Phoenix rumour update
By SP_COP on January 20, 2014 | From
Batman vs. Superman - Joaquin Phoenix rumour update Report insists the delayed supehereo epic has its Lex Luthor, amongst other claims about the future of the DC movies.

'Batman vs. Superman' may have been delayed by ten months, but this hasn't stopped the rumour mill, as a new report makes a wide range of claims, including that Joaquin Phoenix has indeed been cast as Lex Luthor.

Phoenix, as you may recall, was first reported to be Warners/DC's favourite for Superman's iconic adversary back in December 2013 - and while I wouldn't take this new report as cast-iron confirmation (which it clearly isn't), it might indicate that these earlier claims weren't too wide of the mark.

Comic Book Movie cite their old 'BvS' news source General Napier, claiming "Phoenix is "very close" to taking the role, and that the main villain is Lex Luthor. So, put two and two together and you have Joaquin Phoenix as Lex Luthor."

That doesn't strike me as an especially flawless equation, I must say, though it would seem to imply that Phoenix remains in the running. (Incidentally, General Napier was previously responsible for the reports that Josh Holloway may be in consideration for a role in the 'Man of Steel' sequel - which we've heard nothing further on since.)

Nor do General Napier's claims end there. He also insists that the rumours of the production having been delayed due to Ben Affleck being injured are untrue: "[Source claims] Affleck suffered a musculature injury. Supposedly the injury isn't too severe. He's expected to be back at full-health sometime in April. At the moment, he supposedly can't perform certain movements for the fight sequences, and a stunt double will be used.

"My source wanted me to stress, Affleck's injury is NOT the reason for the film's delay, and even speculated that this information could be circulating Warner Bros. as a diversion from the behind-the-scenes issues.

"One issue is budgetary. There's a concern regarding Wonder Woman's home, Paradise Island (aka Themyscira). Executives are debating whether to feature the island, which would require massive VFX, or merely referencing it."...
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