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Britney Spears gets personal in 的 Am Britney Jean
By SP_COP on December 23, 2013 | From
Britney Spears showed many sides of herself in the new E! documentary, 的 Am Britney Jean, which debuted on Sunday night.

Dubbed a 杜ovie event, the two-hour special coincides with Spears Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood. In it, she talked about everything from the music industry (she痴 really not made for it) to *** (she 斗oves it).

On the topic of music and stardom, the pop star said, "I'm not built for this industry because I am so shy." It痴 hard to imagine Spears, who started out as a child star on 典he Mickey Mouse Club, as timid, considering she痴 been in the spotlight for so long.

Fame, though, has taken its toll over the years, Spears said. 典here was a time in my life when I couldn稚 ever leave the house without 20 cars following meI felt very alienated from the public, she said. 釘ut as time passed, they lightened up and they kind of went away after I wouldn稚 come out of the house for like two years.

Spears, who split from her fiance Jason Trawick earlier this year, opened up about her new boyfriend, David Lucado, saying, 滴e痴 just a simple guy. He痴 funny, he痴 passionateHe gets what I do, so it really kind of works out....
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