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Ben Stiller: To be single at my age would be horrible
By SP_COP on December 23, 2013 | From
Ben Stiller: To be single at my age would be horrible What does Ben Stiller want for Christmas? ‘For me, a great present from my wife would be an old Star Trek doll from when I was a kid,’ he offers after a moment of deliberation.

‘That would have a lot of resonance because it is something tangible that sends me back in time to when we had simple gifts that weren’t all gadgets. I love holding an old photo from, like, 1975, or a Polaroid. I like those things that you can hold on to.’

The 48-year-old Meet The Parents star is an avid Star Trek fan and has always had a soft spot for action figures. ‘I had a Stretch Armstrong doll as a kid,’ he recalls, ‘and a Six Million Dollar Man. I loved those things.’

In fact, such is his fondness for the former that a Stretch Armstrong doll appears in his latest movie, The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. Stiller takes the title role and directs his first film since 2008 hit Tropic Thunder, putting a modern spin on the classic 1939 New Yorker short story.

The film hits cinemas on Boxing Day, though Stiller insists he did not plan the picture as a Christmas movie. ‘I did know it was a positive movie, though,’ he says, ‘open-hearted and less cynical than the movies I have directed before.’...
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