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Quentin Tarantino on his potential future projects
By SP_COP on December 20, 2013 | From
Quentin Tarantino on his potential future projects Quentin Tarantino has been chatting about what fans can expect from him next and if he's really stopping at ten films...

Quentin Tarantino teased a while back that he would stop directing when he reached ten films, which would leave him with two films left if he's sticking to that assertion. But in a recent interview, he's now gone on to say that perhaps he was a bit hasty. “Okay, it would sound really cool because it's a round number and it would make sense as I would have made three movies per decade", he told The Independent. "But it's not fixed in time. I still have some more things to do before being done with movies".

Tarantino has never been a director short of ideas so he'll no doubt have enough in the tank to go well beyond ten should he choose to. There's the long rumoured Kill Bill 3 for a start, although he's been cooling on that project for some time, now adding that "I don't think about Kill Bill 3 that much"....
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