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Comedian Billy Connolly tells of memory loss woes after Parkinson’s disease diagnosis
By SP_COP on December 12, 2013 | From
Comedian Billy Connolly yesterday described his memory loss troubles after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

The Big Yin, 70, is receiving treatment after being assessed as having initial symptoms of the illness but insisted it’s just “something that comes with age.”

He said: “I’m starting to have problems with remembering things but who doesn’t when they get to my age?

“I get blanks all the time now, the curtains fall down in front of your eyes so you just keep talking ’til you remember your material that you were going to say.

“When you’re nervous, you forget everything you were supposed to do and just think, ‘What am I going to say to these people?’

“And when you go out, you become the other guy. Sometimes you get blanks, just like jet lag. I’m not getting any younger.”

The Scot also revealed he was nearly beaten to a pulp once after sticking up for Christy Moore.

He was watching the Kildare folk singer perform in a pub when a man started insulting his pal.

But in supporting Christy, Billy did not realise he was taking on a bulky Navy submariner.

He said: “[Christy and I] have known each other for years.

He was around the folk scene during the 1970s and we’ve been pals since – even if he did nearly get me killed.

“I went to see him play in Helensburgh in the Highlands during the 1980s and he’s singing some rebel song about the IRA playing on a drum or something like that.

“And there’s this big lad next to me with a beard, who just thought Christy was another folk singer, and he’s saying, ‘Rubbish, rubbish, get off the stage’.

“So I say, ‘Shut up, you, that’s nonsense’, and I took the pipe out of his mouth and stuck it in his beard.

“At which point I find out this guy was in the Royal Navy Karate club, one of
those lads who drives a submarine, and I got a few digs in the belly and a smack around the face for my troubles.”...
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