Ariana Grande Explains Strange Messages Sent to Fans: 'My Twitter Was Hacked Into'
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Ariana Grande Explains Strange Messages Sent to Fans: 'My Twitter Was Hacked Into' Ariana Grande does not seem have very good luck with her social media accounts. The singer took to her Twitter account early Wednesday morning to apologize to fans that may have received strange messages from her compromised account.

"Just woke up and found that my Twitter had been hacked into last night. If you got any DMs (direct messages) or anything it wasn't from me! Good morning,” she tweeted.
This is not the first time “The Way” singer has been hacked. In August, her official Facebook page was taken over by hackers. The posts, which included everything from Miley Cyrus disses to talk about drug use, were eventually erased but the singer quickly tweeted her frustration to her fans.

“Omg my Facebook was hacked lol…. And by lol I mean….. Get a life a*shole,” she tweeted on August 29....
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