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Tim Robbins and Jack Black working on comedy pilot for HBO
By SP_COP on November 15, 2013 | From
Tim Robbins and Jack Black working on comedy pilot for HBO HBO is developing a pilot based on geopolitical crisis called The Brink, with Jack Black and Tim Robbins attached...

As fans of Thirteen Days and Syriana know only too well, geopolitical crises are rich in comic potential. We kid, of course, and pretty much any topic can be made fun in the right hands.

Such hands may include Tim Robbins, Jack Black and producer/director/writing team Jerry Weintraub, Jay Roach and Roberto Benabib who are working together on a dark comedy pilot for HBO.

Called The Brink, the project will portray a geopolitical crisis (of type unknown at present) and its effects on three very different men.

Robbins will play Walter Hollander, the Secretary of State who has ‘little patience for the warmongers in the Situation Room’, while Black will take the role of foreign service officer Alex Coppins who finds himself stuck in the middle of it all. The third man has yet to be cast but has already been given the excellent name of Zeke Callahan. Somewhat appropriately for a chap so wonderfully be-monikered, Zeke is an ace fighter pilot....
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