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Emma Watson embraces her unique beauty
By SP_COP on October 01, 2013 | From
Emma Watson embraces her unique beauty Emma Watson avoids conforming to an aesthetic when it comes to beauty and wants to embrace her individuality.

The English beauty thinks that actresses should make the most of their natural beauty.

The 'Harry Potter' actress tries to avoid looking like a carbon copy of her Hollywood counterparts and admires chic French stars like Marion Cotillard because they let their natural beauty shine through.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "The funny thing about beauty is that you have to be careful you don't end up looking like someone else, especially in the film industry. I've noticed that throughout people's careers everyone gradually begins to look more and more alike.

"I admire French actresses because on the red carpet they look human - they aren't blow-dried and made-up to the point of resembling robots - and they tend to look individual.

"That's the best thing about beauty: you can experiment with lots of colours and effects to find what works for you."...
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