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'Orange Is The New Black' Season 2 News: Laura Prepon Finally Speaks Out On Her Reduced Role In New Season [VIDEO]
By SP_COP on September 28, 2013 | From
'Orange Is The New Black' Season 2 News: Laura Prepon Finally Speaks Out On Her Reduced Role In New Season [VIDEO] Laura Prepon is finally speaking out about her reduced role in season two of "Orange is the New Black." The actress interviewed with Variety on the red carpet at the 2013 Emmy's. This is the first we've heard from Prepon about the situation since the rumors have started. The rumors started and said that Prepon was leaving the show after for the second season, but as to why was unknown. Then it was said her character, Alex, will only appear for one episode to see her off, but still there was no word from Prepon as to why she was departing from "Orange is the New Black" season two.

Well now I think we may have our answer. In an interview with Variety, Prepon says that she would be back for season two but didn't clarify as to what capacity, and she also noted that scheduling might be the problem and her reason for the reduced role. It depends. Scheduling is kind of intense," she said, "But I"m definitely coming back for the second season. I love the show and my character is a bad ass. [Series creator] Jenji Kohan, I love her, and all my girls, I miss them so much. I'm definitely going back."

She also mentioned that she has a small window to produce and stream her own content and then she would be returning to "Orange is the New Black." In the interview, Prepon didn't ask nor mention how many episodes she would appear in during the second season, but at least we know she will be back....
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