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April Macie: Whitney Cummings was mean to me
By SP_COP on May 20, 2013 | From www.examiner.com
April Macie: Whitney Cummings was mean to me Howard Stern welcomed comedienne April Macie back to his Sirius XM studio on Monday morning to talk about her future in the world of comedy and her past with Whitney Cummings, the TV industry's most beloved young mogulette.

Macie beat out an as yet unknown Cummings in the Stern Show's "Hottest Funniest Chick" competition back in 2008. Since then, Cummings has scored herself two prime time sitcoms and become the entertainment industry's "IT" girl, while Macie has remained off the mainstream radar. Stern asked Macie if she is jealous of Cummings' success.

“I won that contest. She seems to be winning at life," said Macie. "I’m not jealous cause I feel like when women win it just helps us all. There’s not some network executive who goes: ‘Oh, one lady show didn’t work. No more female driven programming! So, as long as she’s winning it helps all of us. But, she did call my handbag out for being fake on the plane ride over [to the contest in 2008]—and it was. She sniffed the white trash out on me...We were on the same plane and we flew together, and she was like: ‘Oh! That bag’s obviously not real.’ And it wasn’t. I got it in a crawlspace in Korea when I went to go entertain the troops.”...
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