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Michael Weatherly To Be A Dad Again
Daniel Craig & Wife Rachel Weisz To Pair Up In Broadway's 'Betrayal'
By Simon Twitter on April 06, 2013 | From www.starpulse.com
Daniel Craig & Wife Rachel Weisz To Pair Up In Broadway's 'Betrayal' James Bond star Daniel Craig and his wife Rachel Weisz are teaming up again - this time on Broadway. The couple will be working together on the upcoming production "Betrayal." The pair met and fel...

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Pictured: Daniel Craig shoots first scene of James Bond Spectre
SP_COP - December 15, 2014 - www.telegraph.co.uk
Fans of James Bond could have been given their first glimpse of Spectre, as actors Daniel Craig and Rory Kinnear were spotted filming on the river Thames.Craig, who will star once again as Bond, is se...
Daniel Craig  GQ Russia January 2012
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Daniel Craig GQ UK January 2012
Serafia - Dec 07, 2011
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Is Tom Hardy The Right Choice To Play The Next Bond?
SP_COP - April 17, 2014 - www.contactmusic.com
Tom Hardy is the people's choice to become the next James Bond when Daniel Craig steps down. But just because he is the people's choice, does that make him the right choice?Tom Hardy has been the publ...
Daniel Craig GQ Germany September 2011
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