September 28, 1968
Shoreham, Sussex, England, UK
Naomi Watts
5' 5
Famous for
Her role in 'Mullholland Drive' (2001)
actress, model
as Betty Elms/Diane Selwyn in David Lynch's Mullholland Drive (2001)
Liev Schreiber (actor; b. October 4, 1967; began dating on May 2005; engaged on December, 2005), Heath Ledger (actor; born on April 4, 1979; 2002-May 2004)
Hugh Roberts
Nikki Roberts
Peter Watts (sound engineer for Pink Floyd until 1974; born in 1946; died on August 2, 1976)
Myfanwy Watts
Benjamin Watts (photographer; born in 1967)
Nicholas Isaac Schreiber (born on December 13, 2008; father: Liev Schreiber), Alexander Pete Schreiber (born on July 25, 2007; father: Liev Schreiber)
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