Mika Boorem
Birth Date:
August 18, 1987
Birth Place:
Tucson, Arizona, USA
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Debuting on television at age nine in the popular CBS drama/fantasy series "Touched by an Angel," Mika Boorem subsequently transitioned into the big screen and has appeared in such films as The Education of Little Tree (1997), Mighty Joe Young (1998), Jack Frost (1998), The Patriot (2000), Along Came a Spider (2001), Hearts in Atlantis (2001), Riding in Cars with Boys (2001), Blue Crush (2002), Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004), Sleepover (2004) and Smile (2005). The 5' 6" tall actress also had a recurring role on The WB's original primetime teen drama "Dawson's Creek" during 2002-2003.

Wise Little Raccoon

Childhood and Family:

In Tucson, Arizona, Mikaela Juliette Boorem (means "Wise Little Raccoon") was born on August 18, 1987 to Holly and Benjamin Boorem. She has an older brother named Benjamin who is in the Navy. Mika used to attend a French school called Lycee Francais in Los Angeles, California. She is now home schooled while filming, but goes to regular school while not on set. Mika is good friends with actress Alexa Vega and enjoys spending her free time to help the elderly.



At the tender age of six, Mika Boorem began performing on local theater in Arizona. When her family moved to Los Angeles, she signed with an agent and began to appear in commercials and on television. In 1995, she provided her voice in the English version of the animated romantic drama movie adapted from Aoi Hîragi's comic, Mimi wo sumaseba (a.k.a. Whisper of the Heart). She also appeared in the Pilot episode (1996) of UPN one-season drama "The Burning Zone."

In 1996, Mika landed a recurring role (1996-2003) on CBS long-running drama/fantasy "Touched by an Angel," followed by a one-year recurring stint as Alissa Amross (1997-1998), Tom Arnold's daughter on the WB’s "The Tom Show." During that time, she was spotted as a guest on ABC sitcom "The Drew Carey Show," ABC-The WB’s sitcom based on the Archie comic book series, "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch," Fox's popular comedy-drama "Ally McBeal" (she played Ally as a child) and CBS western/police dramatic series "Walker, Texas Ranger." She also appeared in the CBS drama movie set in 1969, A Walton Easter (1997).

On the big screen, Mika made her debut as a backwoods girl in Richard Friedenberg take on Forrest Carter's 1976 memoir-style genre novel, The Education of Little Tree (1997; starring Joseph Ashton). She followed it up with a co-starring role in Troy Miller's Christmas film Jack Frost (starring Michael Keaton and Kelly Preston) and portrayed Charlize Theron's character as a child in Ron Underwood's 1998 remake of the 1949 film, Mighty Joe Young (also starring Bill Paxton).

The new millennium saw Mika as Mel Gibson's daughter in Roland Emmerich's war drama movie The Patriot (also featuring Heath Ledger and Joely Richardson) and played a blind person in writer-director Rodrigo García's debut film Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her (starring Glenn Close, Calista Flockhart and Holly Hunter) which was shown at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival and won the Un Certain Regard Award. She then became the senator daughter and the kidnap victim in the Lee Tamahori's adaptation of James Patterson thriller novel, Along Came a Spider (starring Morgan Freeman and Monica Potter), and portrayed the youthful incarnation of Drew Barrymore’s lead character in Penny Marshall's biographical drama Riding in Cars With Boys, based on the autobiography of the same name by Beverly D'Onofrio.

Mika subsequently was cast as Carol Gerber, Anton Yelchin's Bobby Garfield's childhood sweetheart in Scott Hicks' film version of Stephen King's 1999 novel, Hearts in Atlantis (2001), and portrayed Kate Bosworth's 14-year-old party-girl sister, Penny Chadwick, in John Stockwell's hit surfing movie Blue Crush (2002), based on the 1998 Women Outside article "Life's Swell" by Susan Orlean. She also shared the screen with Julia Stiles, Shirley MacLaine and Randy Quaid in Marleen Gorris' direct-to-video romantic comedy film, Carolina (2003). Meanwhile, TV audience could catch her playing the recurring role of Harley Hetson (2002-2003) on The WB's original primetime teen drama "Dawson's Creek."

In 2004, Mika played Susie Miller, the younger sister of the dirty dancing protégé Katey Miller (played by Romola Garai) in Guy Ferland's musical and romance film Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (also with Diego Luna and Sela Ward), a "re-imagining" of the 1987 blockbuster Dirty Dancing, and co-starred with Alexa Vega in Joe Nussbaum's teen comedy about an all-night scavenger hunt, Sleepover. Being asked if she would love to do the sequel to Sleepover, Mika replied: "That would be so much fun. This movie was great. This is the first film I’ve done that has had other kids my age in it and it was just so much fun because there was always someone to hang out with and talk to and dance and sing and whatever I wanted to on set. It was great. And we were all in the same classroom together too which it was like normal school. We were there passing notes and talking about the teacher."

After her brilliant performance as a Californian teen travels to China as part of a charitable organization to meet a Chinese counterpart who has a facial deformity in writer-director Jeffrey Kramer's drama film, Smile (2005), Mika would work mostly on television. She played the title roles in the 2006 TV movies Augusta, Gone, which was based on Martha Tod Dudman's "New York Times" best-Selling book, and in the horror/thriller The Initiation of Sarah, a remake of the 1978 TV movie. She will soon star in the upcoming crime TV movie, Jesse Stone: Sea Change.


  • Stony Brook Film Festival: Rising Star Award, Smile, 2005
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