Mia Zottoli
Birth Date:
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Birth Place:
April 6, 1968
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Hollywood Sins


Mia Zottoli, also credited as Ava Lake, Mia, Ava Niche and Phyllisha, is an American actress who is known for her performances in softcore adult films. Among many films she has appeared in include “Shandra: The Jungle Girl” (1999), “Hollywood Sins” (2000), “Forbidden Highway” (2001), “Carnal Desires” (2002) and “Blind Passion” (2004). The hazel eyed beauty also has guest starred in television series “Profiler” and “Boston Public.”  

Zottoli has one child with her former companion, Thomas Haden Church.  

Mother of 1

Childhood and Family:

Mia Zottoli was born on April 6, 1968, in Boston, Massachusetts. She is a college graduate with a major in Graphic Design.

Mia was once engaged to actor Thomas Haden Church. Together they have one daughter, Cody (born 2004). The couple are no longer together.  



Credited simply as Mia, Mia Zottoli made her debut in adult movie with “Sex Files 1” in 1997. Two years later, she appeared in the direct to video “Auditions from Beyond,” a remake of the 1978 A pseudo-documentary “Auditions,” and starred as Ellen in “Shandra: The Jungle Girl,” opposite Nenna Quiroz. The same year, she appeared as Gwen in another video called “ Dungeon of Desire” and in the comedy “Hot Club California,” where she used the name Ava Lake. Still in 1999, she entered television with a guest spot in the NBC crime/drama series “Profiler.”

After working in Udo Blass's “Sex Files: Sexual Matrix” (2000), Zottoli co-starred opposite Kim Dawson in the quality soft core sex movie “Hollywood Sins” (2000), teamed up with Kelli McCarthy, Renee Rea and Tracy Ryan in the direct to video “Fast Lane to Vegas” (2000) and appeared as a fortune teller in “Emmanuelle 2000: Being Emmanuelle” (2000), starring Holly Sampson, Shauna O'Brien and D.J. West. She went on to appear in sex movies like “Diary of Lust” (2000), “Sex Files: Sexually Bewitched” (2000, starred Amber Newman, Michelle Hall and Johnny Quaid), “Sex Files: Alien Erotica II” (2000), “Emmanuelle 2001: Emmanuelle's Sensual Pleasure” (2001), “Sex Court: The Movie” (2001), “Forbidden Highway” (2001, with Francis Cobert, Kira Reed Lorsch), “Platinum Blonde” (2001), “Scandal:” (2001), “Sinful Temptations” (2001) and “Animal Attraction III” (2001).

Meanwhile, on the small screen, Zottoli co-starred with Amy Lindsay in the erotic drama “Indecent Disclosure” (2000) and with Brandy Miller in “Intimate Touch” (2001). She also made guest appearances in TV shows such as “The Voyeur” (2000, as Jeanne), “Kama Sutra” (2000, as Heather), “Boston Public”(2001, as Dancer #1) and “Thrills” (2001, as Marissa). She had a recurring role as Dawn in “7 Lives Xposed” (2001), a reality television themed series produced by Playboy TV.

From 2002 to 2004, Zottoli enjoyed working in a number of erotic direct to videos or movies, such as “Staying on Top,” “Thirteen Erotic Ghosts,” “Madame Hollywood,” “Beauty Betrayed,” “Embrace the Darkness 3,” “Naked Betrayal,” “Carnal Desires,” “Slaughter Studios,” “Sexual Curiosity 2: Secret Sins,” “Rolling Kansas,” “All for Lust,” “Personals II:,” “Hatchetman,” “The Mummy's Kiss,” “Bad Bizness” and “Blind Passion.”  Zottoli also appeared in “The Lingerie Bowl, Superbowl 2004-Horizon Entertainment.”

Following a few years of hiatus, Zottoli resurfaced with a small part as Hor Sep Sut in the horror flick “Blood Scarab” (2008), starring Monique Parent, Del Howison and Brinke Stevens.     


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