Masiela Lusha
Birth Date:
October 23, 1985
Birth Place:
Tirana, Albania
5' 4" (1.63 m)
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George Lopez


“It's been a great experience with the show. For me, I think I learned the most about the industry every single day. I am so blessed that I was given this opportunity. I'm so proud to say I'm an actress.” Masiela Lusha

Albanian-American writer and actress Masiela Lusha is best known for portraying the teenage daughter Carmen on the sitcom “George Lopez” from 2002 to 2007. For her good acting job, she took home two Young Artist Awards. She also received a nomination for Best Performance in a Voice-Over Role - Young Actress for her work in the hit cartoon series “Clifford's Puppy Days” (2003-2005). Other acting credits include roles in the movies “Father's Love” (2000), “Muertas” (2007), “Time of the Comet” (2007), “Blood: The Last Vampire” (2008) and “Ballad of Broken Angels: Harmony” (2009).

As a writer, Lusha has been hailed as “The Youngest Author in the World” to publish a book in two languages and one of “The Best Top Ten Talented Poets in North America” after the release of her first book “Inner Thoughts” (1999). Since then, she has published “Drinking the Moon” (2005) and “The Besa” (2008), her first novel. Her new book of poetry, “Amore Celeste,” will be released in 2009.

Lusha is the founder of the Masiela Lusha Foundation, a universal charitable foundation that provides homeless families with shelter and the help of live-in life coaches.


Childhood and Family:

Masiela Lusha was born on October 23, 1985, in Tirana, Albania. The only child to parents Max and Daniela, she and her family later moved to Budapest, Hungary and Vienna before settling in Michigan in the United States. At the time, she was seven years old. Commenting about her life, she said, “Many countries had a hand in raising me. I am the product of many contradicting philosophies and cultures. My entire universe is comprised of these foreign traditions. If any one of these experiences are to be ignored, I wouldn't be the same.”

Currently residing in Los Angeles, California, Masiela graduated from high school at age 15. Three years later, she was accepted to UCLA where she majored in English and business.

Lusha enjoys cooking, fishing, gymnastics and dancing. She cites swimming, air hockey, boating, biking, bowling, singing, ice skating, roller blading, skiing and volleyball as some of her favorite pastimes. Whenever she has time, Masiela enjoys being affiliated with reading programs around the country in which she actively promotes understanding and appreciating language.

Inner Thoughts


Moving from Albania to the United States at age 7, Masiela Lusha first acquired notice as a model. In an open audition held by a Los Angeles based agent, she stood out among 600 aspiring actors and was quickly invited to Hollywood along with two other winners. At the time, she was only 13 years old.

A multi-faceted youth, Lusha released her first book, “Inner Thoughts,” in 1999. After the release, she was named “The World's Youngest Author to Publish a Book in Two Languages” and one of “The Best Top Ten Talented Poets for North America.”

A year later, Lusha made her debut as an actress in the movie “Father's Love” (2000), in which she portrayed the leading role Lisa. “Summoning” followed in 2001. The 29-minute short was screened at the Mill Valley Film Festival. She then played Aracelli in the Mexican thriller “Muertas de Juarez, Las” (2002).

Making her TV debut with a guest spot in a 2001 episode of “Lizzie McGuire,” Lusha hit the big time when she landed her first regular role in the ABC sitcom “The George Lopez Show” in 2002. Playing Carmen, the rebellious daughter of George Lopez, she picked up two Young Artists awards in the category of Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) - Leading Young Actress in 2003 and 2004. She stayed with the show until its demise in 2007.

Lusha also costarred with Tara Taylor in the dramatic film “Cherry Bomb” (2004) and portrayed the recurring role of Nina in the animated PBS series “Clifford's Puppy Days” from 2003 to 2005. She then made a guest appearance in a 2006 episode of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” as Mira. In 2005, she also published the book of poetry “Drinking the Moon.”

After the demise of “George Lopez,” Lusha was cast as a young factory worker from Juarez who falls in love with a Texas journalist in director, writer and actor Ryan Williams' short “Muertas” (2007). It was followed by a costarring role in the war movie “Time of the Comet” (2007).

In 2008, Lusha completed filming the thriller “Blood: The Last Vampire,” which was directed by Chris Nahon. She also finished her first novel, titled “The Besa.”

Lusha is set to star in the action movie “Ballad of Broken Angels: Harmony” (2009), helmed by Christian Ford and scripted by Gary M. Lumpp. She will also publish her third book of poetry, “Amore Celeste,” in 2009.

“Before I die, I want to receive an Oscar and Pulitzer Prize.” Masiela Lusha


  • Young Artist: Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) - Leading Young Actress, “George Lopez,” 2004

  • Young Artist: Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) - Leading Young Actress, “George Lopez,” 2003

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