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 Transformers star Mark Wahlberg: Whether it's piling on weight or shedding it I'm happy to suffer for my art
SP_COP - June 06, 2014 -
WAHLBERG'S weight loss for the remake of The Gambler made him so cranky, his family begged him to eat.HE’S known for being buff but Mark Wahlberg’s weight loss for the remake of The Gambler had his fa...
Mark Wahlberg 1992 photoshoot
jexxica - Jan 06, 2009
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Maria Menounos @ Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation Golf Classic sponsored by Mohegan Sun Sept. 28, 2004
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Now Mark Wahlberg May Say Daddy's Home
SP_COP - June 05, 2014 -
Last May, it looked like Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell would go head to head in parental comedy Daddy’s Home. But while that version, which boasted Tropic Thunder writer Etan Coen making his directori...
Mark Wahlberg - 79th Annual Academy Awards
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Rhea Durham and Mark Wahlberg at Golden Globes video
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Mark Wahlberg Wallpaper on Shooter
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